Next Steering Committee Meeting: September 12, 2022


CHAIR: Larry Trammell

- Annually document and propose a strategic plan to the full membership that includes at minimum 1 year and 3-year goals.

- Confirm a yearly budget assembled by the budget committee and propose to the full membership annually at the start of the JCRV fiscal year.

- Give input on issues concerning the development of a project or the organization.

- Providing insight on concerns related to the budget, marketing, communications, volunteering, etc.

- Determine what outcomes need to be realized through a project or undertaking. Prioritize steps and goals that need to be taken and realized in a project.

- Develop policies and procedures relevant to a project or the organization's operation.

- Identify potential risks and monitoring or eliminate them as required.

- Set timelines and monitor progress of organizational projects and activities.

- The Steering Committee shall provide oversight guidance and support to other committees. If a standing committee is not functioning, the Steering Committee may assume its duties and responsibilities.

- Arrange for bonding of money handlers.

CHAIR: Don Wilson

Proposed changes to these Bylaws will be presented to the Rules committee for input, review, and recommendation before being presented for an up or down vote to the JCRV membership. Motions and resolutions are reviewed and edited as appropriate by the Rules Committee before consideration by the membership.

CHAIR: Vacant

The Budget and Audit Committee shall assist the JCRV Treasurer and Steering Committee in the development of financial plans, chart of accounts, procedures, and budgets for the JCRV. Budget preparation begins 3 months ahead of the start of the JCRV’s fiscal year. This committee annually audits organizational financials. Financial plans, budgets, and audit reports shall be submitted for approval by the JCRV membership. Annual audit reports shall be made to the JCRV membership.

CHAIR: Vacant

The Candidate and Nominating Committee shall recruit candidates for precinct, county, local, and state elected offices. Duties include certifying the qualifications and information on candidates running for any office of the JCRV. The committee is responsible for recruiting new JCRV members and for recruiting members for JCRV elected office, appointments, and committee participation.

CHAIR: Russell Rogers

The Facilities Committee supports JCRV activities through management of facilities and equipment. Plans and budgets proposed by the Facilities Committee will be included in the budgets and plans of the Budget Committee.


CHAIR: Don Wilson

The data committee shall manage and process JCRV data related to voter information. The committee is responsible for gathering election results and providing high-level overview of data in chart, graph, or list format.

CHAIR: Vacant

The research committee is responsible for maintaining a list of upcoming elections and doing research on what, when, who, why about those elections, including research on or interviews of candidates and issue/bond information. The committee may compile impact studies as appropriate. This committee is also responsible for packaging such information and submitting to webmaster in timely manner before an election.

CHAIR: Cornelia Wood

The Fundraising Committee is responsible for developing plans and programs designed to provide adequate funding to meet the needs of the organization. Fundraising plans and budgets proposed by this committee will be included in the budgets plans of the Budget Committee. This role also oversees a "temporary" event planning committee as events are approved and manages the execution of such fundraising events.

CHAIR: John Wood

The Training Committee develops materials and presents training consistent with the goals of the JCRV. Training areas may include, but are not limited to:
• New Member Orientation and On-boarding
• Block-walking orientation with data and map training
• Precinct Chair classes with training on toolkits
• Poll Worker training for election judges, clerks, and poll watchers
• Training on how to conduct precinct and county conventions
• Assist candidates how to organize their campaigns, and market themselves
• Presentations that challenge and encourage interns and young professionals to serve or get involved in local politics

CHAIR: Debbie Kilen

This committee develops a communications plan for the organization and submits budget requests to the Budget and Steering Committees. Responsibilities include: managing JCRV communications, tools, websites, and social media; developing educational marketing and communications materials, including push cards, advertising, and press releases; and assists Training Committee with volunteer toolkits. This committee also gathers information on community events that the JCRV can participate in.


JOIN one of our Committees

If you are a registered voter in Johnson County and would like to get involved in one of our committees, please give us a call!

Data Committee % Full: 3 people + 2 students


Research Committee % Full: 5 people + 2 students


Marketing & Comms Committee % Full: 4 people + 2 students


Fundraising Committee % Full: 3 people + 2 students


Training Committee % Full: 4 people

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