Quarterly Volunteer Meetings:
2nd Tuesdays (Jan, April, July, Oct)
6:30PM @ 210 S. Main St, Cleburne TX




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Volunteers' Most Frequently Asked Questions

JCRVs' #1 goal is to increase voter turnout in the county; and 1 Voting Precinct can make a huge difference in election results!

The main role of a JCRV volunteer is to assist in registering voters and to help get voters out to the polls during elections, in particular, local elections where voter turnout is the lowest - less than 4%. Our biggest success has been through word-of-mouth; and your efforts in educating neighbors, friends, family, and other people within your voting precinct about upcoming elections that are not widely publicized is priceless. Volunteers within the same voting precinct can join together to achieve this goal, so you will never have to work alone. Your precincts' achievement will help to increase voter turnout in important elections that impact voters most and they will appreciate it! We provide everything from materials to training.

- See below for more volunteer options -

JCRV partners with the Johnson County Elections Office to obtain and train qualified election workers. Volunteers who care about election integrity and want to make some extra cash can become an election worker in the county. CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO
JCRV strives to stay informed about City Council, School Board, and Commissioner Precinct activities in order to keep voters apprised of what's happening in their area. This requires attending council/board meetings or reviewing their meeting minutes. We can use volunteer help to attend some of these meetings and report back anything of substance at one of our volunteer meetings.

JCRV has a need for all sorts of talent and skillsets. If you are interested in getting more involved at the county or commissioner precinct level, we would love to hear from you!

• Serve on a committee
• Become a Precinct Chair
• Training/PowerPoints
• Administration
• IT Tech/Apps/Zoom/Streaming
• Spreadsheets/Data
• Research/Statistics/Interviewing Candidates
• Marketing & Communications
• Video Creation
• Finance/CPA/Accounting
• Legal
• Fundraising/Events
• Building/Construction/Contracting Services/Repairs
• Bilingual (Spanish)

Our Volunteer Committee will be in contact with you to discuss how you wish to get involved.
Got Questions?
Send us a note and someone will get back to you as soon as we can.

Getting involved can be easy and fun! But before signing up to volunteer, first think about how much time you want to give and what type of role you wish to get involved in. The type of volunteering is up to you, and our Volunteer Committee can help walk you through several options to consider.

Please note that volunteering is most important right before an election so we can register voters before the deadline and share election information with them before early voting begins. Elections are typically every 3 to 6 months. Johnson County voting months are March, May, and November, not including any run-off elections. Early voting will begin in the months of February, April, and October.

STEP 1: Complete the online Volunteering form here and "AGREE" to the Non-Disclosure Agreement. Our Volunteer Committee will contact you within 72 hours.

STEP 2: Review volunteering options and decide the best fit - based on availability and skillsets.

STEP 3: Sign Non-Disclosure Agreement, if you did not click " I AGREE" from STEP 1. This states that you agree NOT to share confidential voter and volunteer information.

STEP 4: Put the TimeToVoteTX Voter Guide App and Website on your cell phone and/or laptop/tablet. Share these guides with voters in the county. (Note: You do not have to be a volunteer to share these tools. These tools are available for any voter, regardless of their Party affiliation.)

STEP 5: Save the JCRV website to your favorites and request the JCRV Volunteer App here. The Volunteer App is only available to ACTIVE volunteers who have signed the Non-Disclosure Agreement.

STEP 6: Visit the Volunteer App frequently for volunteer updates and announcements.

STEP 7: Attend JCRV Volunteer meetings when possible to keep informed about upcoming elections and any new tools/materials we create to share with voters.

Volunteer training and assistance is based on the role you choose, so once you become a volunteer, we will setup time to meet with you to discuss training needs.

Becoming a Deputy Registrar literally takes only minutes of your time. You will first need to contact the Johnson County Elections Office to setup an appointment with them to come in. They will assign you your materials and booklet; provide all the instructions; and get you deputized on the spot!

Johnson County Elections Office Website

103 S. Walnut St.
Cleburne, Texas 76033

Phone: 817-556-6197
Email: vote@johnsoncountytx.org

Hours of Operation:
Monday - Friday-8:00am - 5:00pm
(Closed for Lunch 12:00pm - 1:00pm)

We never ask you to work alone, unless that's what you prefer. We highly encourage groups during block-walking for safety. Most volunteer activities are typically done as a committee, precinct council, or team working on a project.

New volunteers can setup time with one of our leaders or
Volunteer Committee to get acclimated into the organization. 

JCRV is a non-profit educational organization of grassroots folks with a passion for serving our local communities by sharing important (nonpartisan) information about local elections that are not widely publicized; providing insight on candidates running for office and investigating bills, provisions, and bonds that affect life at home in Johnson County, so that "We The People" can make informed decisions at the polls! We do all of this through close collaboration with the Republican County Chair, the Republican Executive Committee (Precinct Chairs), and the Johnson County Elections Office.

No volunteer or member of JCRV leadership receives benefits or other financial compensation for their time and service.

We are voters...just like you!
We’re retired bankers, corporate leaders, business owners, law enforcement officers, business professionals, judges, stay at home mom’s, laborers, skilled tradesmen, students and more. We work to raise our families and grandchildren, to pay our bills and to lead a better life. We are people of all races coming together for a common cause.

As the VOLUNTEER ARM for the Johnson County Republican Party, we do our best to provide our County Chair and Executive Committee (Republican Precinct Chairs) with the necessary tools and resources they need to do their job of representing our communities effectively.

We gather information on elections, research bonds, interview candidates, then share it with the Republican Precinct Chairs and voters through as many communication platforms as we can, including block-walking, email, text, and posting on TimeToVoteTX.com (App and Website) and more than 60 Facebook and Nextdoor Groups. 

We share best practices, toolkits, and user-friendly technology with the county Precinct Chairs and Block Captains. We also teach Election Integrity class to Johnson County Election Workers and mentor High School students and young professionals through internships and other opportunities to gain leadership skills. In addition, we offer assistance and guidance to candidates running for office.

We recruit volunteers all over the county who are Deputy Registrars and can assist voters with voter registration and/or their voter registration status. Volunteers also help block-walk, run the Republican Headquarters, work elections, and help at fundraisers as needed. If someone you know wants to help, they can contact our Volunteer Committee

By state law, JCRV can NOT endorse candidates, nor can we support or oppose propositions put forth to the voters. Most city and school elections are nonpartisan, which means their official party affiliation is not provided when campaigning or on the ballot. All we can do is provide nonpartisan information about elections, so that people can make informed decisions at the polls. However, as an individual not representing JCRV, you can endorse as you wish. The exception is when there is a Republican running against a candidate from another party affiliation, in which we can then endorse the Republican candidate.

The top 3 examples where this comes up the most are below:

1) When block-walking, as a representative of JCRV, you can not endorse candidates, support or oppose propositions. But if asked, you can say, "I'm not allowed to tell you how to vote, but I can tell you how I plan to vote personally, just not as a representative of JCRV."

2) JCRV Volunteers are allowed to endorse candidates and support or oppose propositions on their personal Facebook page or on other personal social media accounts. However, they cannot endorse, support or oppose propositions when posting to the JCRV social media accounts.

3) If a candidate has a Meet & Greet event scheduled where voters are invited to attend, we can promote the event with a "no endorsement" disclaimer, because we are simply providing opportunities for voters to meet and talk with candidates.